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Mary Sneddon has been an avid reader since childhood.  Her favorite genre is fantasy and, from a young age, she has written fantasy stories of her own.  She also enjoys drawing and painting and for some time turned her attention to comics from prose and back again.

She currently holds a Bachelors in Art Education as well as a Bachelors in Art with a concentration in painting from McNeese State University and an Associates in Commercial Art from SOWELA Technical Community College.

She has worked in the trenches of retail, the perilous battlefields of afterschool care, as a school librarian, and currently spends her days as an elementary school art teacher.

Mary spends her time at home with her husband making art on her computer, lazing about on tumblr, reading comics, and watching cartoons.  Preferably curled up with a hazelnut latte in her batman pajamas with her miniature schnauzer, Scotty.

The Seamstress and the

Sable Knight

Mary Sneddon's debut fantasy novel, The Seamstress and the Sable Knight, follows the gifted seamstress, Arianna, on a journey to save her friends, and herself, from a wicked order of knights on a mission to wipe out any opposition to their Father God.  She finds help along the way from the most unexpected source-one of the Sable Knight's very own.

Now they are on a race against time to stop the Sable Knights and save the troubled kingdom of Udillia

Dragons in Lerrigon

The first book of the Dragon Speaker Trilogy: Dragons in Lerrigon.

Sixteen year old Cassie Treton’s grandmother has passed away, leaving Cassie a strange blue gem and a note to find someone named Brennigan in the perilous Cantari Veil.

As she searches, Cassie discovers there was more to her grandmother than she could have ever imagined.
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Mary is currently working on a new series titled the Dragon Speaker trilogy as well as planning a follow-up to her debut novel, The Seamstress and the Sable Knight.

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The Seamstress and the Sable Knight


All Arianna wants is to be left alone. She’s finally got life working out for her. She got her own seamstress shop, her customers pay well and appreciate her attention to quality, and most of all, she is finally on the books—a real citizen. A taxpayer and everything.

And that’s when everything goes wrong. A dark and deadly knight on a black horse shows up outside her shop, asking for her. Her past, in the form of a roguish, handsome thief wants a dangerous favor. And her dreams…those are the worst part. Why would a forgotten and forbidden goddess want to talk with her anyway?

Now Arianna is on the run, and the past is close on her heels. The Sable Knights want her dead, believing she’s the center of a prophecy foretelling the doom of their Order, and their Father God. Beasts of legends have been summoned to kill her, and her friends are collateral damage. But enough is enough. Arianna isn’t without her own power, and she’s willing to go up against just about anything to take her life back.

It’s time to kill a god.